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Laboratory Services
Spay/Neuter/ Microchip
Behavior Counseling
Weight Management

We know how important it is for both the quality of care that we make client education a primary goal. We take Veterinary Medicine very seriously and constantly strive to educate ourselves and stay current so that we can pass important, relevant information to clients. We consider ourselves to be tireless educators because we understand that it is only by client education and involvement that optimum animal health can be achieved. The human-animal bond can only be strengthened by the understanding and intuition we promote for our clients. We continuously strive to increase the diversity and the quality of the services we are able to offer as professionals. Veterinarians know that our skills as practitioners are the tools we have worked hard to acquire and build. It is up to us as animal enthusiasts to build upon our skills, sharpen them and use them for the betterment of our patients, the animals that enrich our lives, as well as their families. We at RVR Mobile Services are passionate about this mission. We love what we do and that comes across to our clients and patients as well.

Mobile Service for Dogs, Cats and Pocket Pets.

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